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John Hogg

John Hogg photoJohn Hogg, a native of Tidewater VA, came to Immanuel Church with his wife Cameron and their twin boys, Peter and Silas.  John is currently a Candidate for Holy Orders from the Diocese of Southern Virginia and graduated in May 2014 with a Master in Divinity degree from Virginia Theological Seminary.  He completed his undergraduate work at the College of Charleston in 1999, and earned a Master’s degree in Public Administration there in 2007.

John has had a lifelong commitment to a vocation of service, especially with youth and families.  He grew up serving as part of the elected leadership in Junior High and High School EYC, serving at the convocational and diocesan levels.  When he completed his undergraduate degree at the College of Charleston, John went to work for the American Red Cross as part of the Armed Forces Emergency Services (AFES).  While in AFES, he was assigned to work alongside the men and women of the 10th Mountain Army Division at Fort Drum, NY.  John worked as the Acting Station Manager, primarily serving the 10,000 plus soldiers and their families on base.  It was his mission to respond to disasters, keep military personnel in contact with their families during times of personal crisis, and improve their overall quality of life.  As part of his responsibilities, he was deployed to Iraq in 2003 to serve as an advocate for frontline troops in Kuwait and Iraq.  In addition to keeping soldiers in contact with their families in times of emergency John served as “a confidential and unbiased ear” for soldiers on the front line when they needed to talk about their experiences.

In addition to his various professional undertakings, John has always enjoyed all aspects of volunteering with youth.  In college, he spent a number of summers as a counselor at Camp Chanco in Surry, VA, serving as a youth advisor at both the parish and diocesan levels.  Over the years, he remained committed to his work with youth in the Episcopal Church and in his surrounding community.  In Charleston, he routinely volunteered for the Children’s Hospital, working with children and their families suffering from terminal or chronic illness.  Here in Alexandria, John spent part of his time at Christ Church Old Town, his Field Ed parish, taking turns leading Children’s Chapel and helping with Vacation Bible School.  In addition to his volunteer endeavors John enjoys a number of hobbies that include cooking, wood working, fishing, spending time outdoors and tackling whatever adventure comes his way.