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Immanuel Seal

The Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill Parish Seal was approved by the 2014 Vestry on January 27, 2015. Immanuel Seal full color

• The Vesica (the overall shape of the seal, on which the name of the organization, location, and date are shown) is oval, which by tradition indicates a church. The Canterbury Crosses at top and bottom of the Vesica link our church to the Episcopal Church of the United States and to the global community of the Anglican Communion.

• The Shield is the lower portion of the seal. This Shield simply but boldly represents key elements of the identity of our church.  It reflects the blue of our church banner, with the Holy Hill of Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS) in green and Immanuel’s Celtic processional cross high on the hill.  The Bethlehem (Immanuel) star, also from the church banner, is shown in the sky.  Use of a cross on the shield echoes the Calvary Cross on the VTS seal.

• The Crest is the upper portion which sits on top of the shield. Immanuel's Crest depicts the Book of Scripture, with the words “God with us,” as a translation of “Immanuel” as well as a statement of God being with us in all our activities. The lettering of “God with us” is based on hand written script used by Celtic monks. Behind the book are pumpkins and pumpkin blossom vines to reflect our church’s fundraiser and strong commitment to Outreach.   The book sits on a stylized wreath of gold and green, pulling the Holy Hill color and the gold metal color from the Shield.

The shield was designed by heraldic artist George Cannizzaro, of Cardinal Custom Heraldry, in consultation with Rector Randy Alexander and the Parish Seal committee (Wardens Hance Haney and Sara Fein, the Rev. David Crosby, Dr. Elaine Davies, Tom Kerns, and Kerry Kelly).  Mr. Cannizzaro presented the seal and explained it to the parish at a Forum Hour on February 8, 2015. Click here to view the Forum Hour presentation.