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 Go Tell it on the Mountain

Bringing Immanuel's Generations Together Through Storytelling

Immanuel's EYC and Senior Ministry used the ancient method of oral tradition to bring the generations together in a joint spiritual learning adventure, incorporating 21st century technology that allowed us to pass on these stories to the entire parish. 2016-6-4 StoryCorps photo

Storycorps* is a nationwide initiative enabling Americans to record interviews with each other.  These interviews are uploaded to the Internet and archived so anyone can listen to them.  EYC and Senior Ministry used the Storycorps technology to create our own parish archive of Immanuel Church on the Hill stories, memories, and celebrations.  We are calling our project "Go Tell It on the Mountain."

On Saturday, June 4th, 2016, nine teams, each consisting of an EYC member and a long-standing member of the parish, interviewed each other.  Each team had a question about their experience at Immanuel Church on the Hill that both teammates got a chance to ask and to answer.  They then took photos of each other and uploaded their stories to the Storycorps website.

Both youth and adults praised this opportunity to share some deeply personal reflections about Immanuel Church on the Hill with another parishioner whom they have not spoken to regularly.  Despite a wide range of experiences, the love of their church remained a common thread.  They laughed and cried together, and some found new connections they never knew they had:  a profound appreciation for the music and worship that Immanuel offers, a longing to share with others the unique sense of community Immanuel provides, and a desire to make a difference, no matter how small, that brings us closer to God.

*For more information about Storycorps, see www.storycorps.me


Tell me a story about...


...the funny things that have happened at Immanuel (Rick Glassco and Thomas Cuddy)

Rick Glassco and Thomas CuddyThomas and Rick's stories  

...an event in parish life you will never forget (Marjorie Burke and Kyrah Drasheff)

Marjorie BurkeMarjorie's story  
Kyrah DrasheffKyrah's story  

...a challenge in your life that Immanuel helped you through (Madison Eaton and Sarah Glassco)

Madison Eaton and Sarah Glassco Madison's story  
Madison Eaton and Sarah Glassco2 Sarah's story  

...a homily or sermon at Immanuel that has stayed with you (Addie Biache and Betty Wanamaker)

Addie Biache and Betty WanamakerAddie's story  
Addie Biache and Betty Wanamaker2 Betty's story  

...the greatest challenge the parish has faced since you became a member (Amanda Eisenhour and Ken McDonald)

Ken McDonald and Amanda EisenhourKen and Amanda's story  

...what keeps you going to Immanuel (Zachary Cohn and Chandley McDonald)

Zach Cohn Zach's story  
Chandley McDonald Chandley's story