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EYC Updates



  • November 12 -- Sunday Evening – TBD Dinner with members of the Muslim Community or EYC Stewardship Night
  • NOVEMBER 19  - Sunday Morning – Breakfast Club
  • December 3 – Sunday Evening – TBD EYC Stewardship Night or Dinner with members of the Muslim Community
  • December 16-17 - Winter Lock-In with Breakfast Club on the morning of December 17
  • January 12-14 – Possible Shrine Mont Getaway for EYC only – Details to follow
  • January 21 – Sunday Morning – Breakfast Club
HEY, EYC:  THIS SUNDAY November 12, is our night to help others serve. All youth in the 6th grade and up are invited to join us for dinner, games and a special outreach project being sponsored for the first time by the youth of Immanuel.  We will meet in the upper room of Zabriskie Chapel from 6:00-8:00. Pizza and drinks will be provided; all you need to do is show up and be ready for a great evening.  For questions or concerns, please contact John Hogg (jhogg@icoh.net)




We hope you all had a great summer filled with friends, family and memorable adventures.  As your advisors we are excited about the Episcopal Youth Community (EYC) and the year ahead. We will continue to come together through the various gatherings listed below. While, in some respects, the year will mirror last year, there are a few new opportunities being offered that we are particularly excited about, because these ideas came from you and your fellow youth.

As many of you may remember, a number of us held our usual meeting this past spring during the parish retreat at Shrine Mont.  In that meeting, many really great suggestions were put forth regarding activities and events you wanted to do in the coming year. We have touched on many of these suggestions this fall and we will continue to address them throughout the year.  It was also brought to our attention that many of you desire more opportunities for group discussion and formation.  Well, we heard you, we understand you, and we are extremely proud that you are seeking these opportunities. Therefore, we will follow one of the many successful designs that EYC has been using for numerous years all across this nation.  We will be using the words on the EYC logo: Sharing, Caring, Praying, Playing, Listening, Loving, Dreaming, and Doing as an umbrella of topics as a guide.  Yet, as with other EYC programs, we will focus on one specific theme for each year.

 We will be using Listening as our guiding theme for the majority of the year. Don’t worry, this does not mean sitting in a circle and listening to someone lecture at you for an hour.  Instead, at different points in the year we will be exploring, together, what listening means to us and in our daily lives. Listening to one another. Listening to the world around us. Listening to ourselves and listening to God.  This will be a fun and interactive discussion that will try to appeal to you at your individual pace. It is our hope that the EYC will eventually become what it is created to be: an open community of youth, run by youth, and for youth in supportive and formative ways for everyone.

 Last but not least, we are thrilled to welcome your newest advisor to the team, Carrie Cuddy.  She is loads of fun to be around, has a passion for working with you, and she will undoubtedly be an incredible addition to EYC. Welcome Carrie!!!

We are eager to begin these activities and programs with you and we continue to be excited by the endless potential for lifelong friendships and growth that EYC can offer to everyone.  As always, anyone between the 6th and 12th grades is welcome and friends are always invited. We hope to see you all this fall and if you have not been able to join us before, please don’t let that stop you from joining us now or at anytime throughout the year.

Sincerely your advisors,

Andy, Carrie, Jeannie, Jim, and John