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Sign Up for Pot Luck Dinner with The Rev. Bob Trache


IMMANUEL PARISHIONERS ARE INVITED TO A POT LUCK SUPPER WITH THE REV. BOB TRACHE, former Rector, at 6:30 pm Saturday, April 22, at Zabriskie Chapel Hall.  

We will hear about the Immanuel Church mission to the Holy Land he led in the mid-1980's. He will tell us the purpose of the mission, places we saw, and types of experts we talked with (Episcopal and other churches, schools, journalists, academics, Christians). He will also give us news and insights about the current situation of Christians in Jerusalem and the Holy Land, where he visits frequently.  Bob was a founding board member of the Archbishop of Canterbury's Compass Rose Society dedicated to worldwide mission.  

You may register for the supper by calling Jennifer at the parish office (703-370-6555). Just leave your name and type of hot or cold dish or finger snack you plan to bring. For more information, ask parishioner Frances Johnson or Dorothy Kellogg (Communications Steward).

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