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Rector Search Begins with Listening Sessions


The first phase of our discernment process is a self-study.  Mary Sulerud began this process at the parish retreat at Shrinemont, continuing with sessions at church, asking our input on "where we have been and where we see ourselves in the future."  Our self-study will be vital to the preparation of a parish profile.  That profile will become our public presentation of ICOH, as we define ourselves, so that prospective rector candidates can discern whether they might be called to apply.

More "listening sessions" are being scheduled, and all are invited to attend.  Sign-ups for Sunday sessions are in the Narthex.  (They will run through Labor Day Weekend.)  We need at least 6 attendees in order to confirm a session, and we can schedule weekday sessions if the need is evident.  Meetings will last no longer than an hour and input will be written down.

The Diocese establishes and guides the entire Discernment Process for calling clergy, and we follow its guidance for each phase.  Thus, the listening sessions will be structured with about 6 specific questions for you to consider, so that we can refine our views on the needs of our parish.  Two Search Committee members will attend each session to guide discussion and document the input.

Are you new to ICOH?  Are you a long-time meber?  Your views matter and we want to hear from you.  These sessions will be informal and interesting.  Please join us.

Your Search Committee: Caroline Bergmark, Tom Brown, Governor Burke, Jim Clausen, Carrie Cuddy, Barbara Currie, Tom Harris, Doug Henry, Wendy John, Eileen Kirby, Chandley McDonald and Martha Sedgwick.

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