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Capital Campaign For Two Chapels


Last February Immanuel-on-the-Hill opened its Joint Capital Campaign with Virginia Theological
Seminary with a goal of a million dollars—$500,000 to fund the new Seminary chapel and $500,000
for a pressing program of repairs and improvements for our Zabriskie Chapel parish home. The
good news is that we are now over halfway to our goal. Since the campaign’s ‘quiet phase’ began in
February, some 55 of Immanuel’s members and friends—including all Vestry members—have
pledged over $550,000 toward the campaign’s goal.

Immanuel will launch the campaign’s ‘public phase’ at the annual Mass on the Grass, Sunday, June
10. We will then invite the entire parish family to join in this major effort to raise the rest of our
million dollar goal. During the Mass on the Grass festivities we hope you will visit our campaign
booth to learn how you can support this new parish venture. To succeed we need the prayers and
support of every parishioner. This is a unique opportunity not only to help the Seminary build a new
Immanuel Chapel to replace the 1881 chapel we have shared since 1941, but also to help our own
parish restore and renew Zabriskie Chapel.

We ask each Immanuel member and family to offer a sacrificial gift in proportion to their means. In
this once-in-a-lifetime campaign we ask you, if you can, to make a substantial three- to five-year
commitment above and beyond your annual fall pledge support for parish operating expenses. If
you are a member of the Zabriskie Society (the society for parishioners who have included
Immanuel in their estate planning) you will be able to designate your existing bequest to this
Immanuel capital campaign, which, if you are over 70, will allow us to count your designation
toward our total raised. If you are not already a Zabriskie Society member, a planned gift for the
campaign will give you membership.

You will soon receive a parish mailing, which will provide detailed information about how to
support this major parish initiative. This information will include forms for both multi-year pledges
and planned gifts. These forms will allow you if you wish to allocate your gifts between the
Seminary’s Chapel for the Ages and Immanuel’s Zabriskie Chapel. When you are ready to make your
commitment, we ask you to fill out the pledge form and either return it by mail to Immanuel’s
Treasurer, Marcus Rarick, or put it in the Sunday collection plate.

When the campaign packet arrives in your mailbox we hope you will offer a generous and early
response. An ancient Roman once wrote, Bis dat qui cito dat, or ‘He gives twice who gives soon.’
During our June 12-14 Phonathon fellow parishioners will reach out by phone to those we’ve not
heard from to answer questions and ask for support. We hope that with God’s help, and yours, we
can ensure the success of this campaign for the two chapels of Immanuel-on-the-Hill and Virginia
Theological Seminary.

May 30, 2012
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