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Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill Announces April Forum Hours


Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill is hosting a diverse array of speakers for Sunday Forum Hours in April.  All events below will convene in the Parish Hall approximately 10:15 am and end in time for the 11:15 am service.

 April 7:  Christian Parenting led by Randi Hicks Rowe.  While the focus is on parenting, this forum is open to anyone who hopes to be better equipped to support all our children and young people growing in Christ.

April 14:  Samaritan Ministry led by the Rev. David Wolf.  Rev. Wolf is executive director of Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington, which helps improve the lives of homeless and needy individuals through its innovative Next Step program.

 April 21:  Reflections with the Rev. Jane Dogue-is.  Immanuel’s dedicated Seminarian, Rev. Dogue-is will share her insights on thePhilippines and her experiences here.

 April 28:  Capital Caring led by Martha Huffman.  Ms. Huffman is volunteer services coordinator for Capital Caring, the oldest and largest nonprofit provider of hospice and palliative care and counseling in the capital region.


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