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Discernment Committee Update


In the wake of Holy Week, the Discernment Committee has resumed its activities. At our Wednesday meeting last week, our Interim Rector and Discernment Coach, the Reverend Mary Sulerud, provided us with some guidance and other benefits of her experience on the approach and conduct of home parish visits for the remaining candidates. Those visits began this past Sunday, April 7th. Following these visits, the Committee will meet to discuss the progress of our discernment, select the best candidate to put forward to the Vestry, and build our brief for that person. Once the name goes forward, the Vestry will enter into discussions with the Committee, and, having advised the Bishop, make the "Call" to the candidate proposed. It is our hope that the "Call" will be made in early May and the acceptance will follow immediately.   Exactly when the new Rector will join us is unknown at this point, but probably by mid-Summer at the latest.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact any member of the Committee

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