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Your Capital Campaign Dollars At Work


Why is part of the ceiling missing? What's going on with the church's roof? Thanks to the $500,000 parishioners pledged to the 2012 capital campaign, construction is starting right away on two of our largest capital improvement projects. 

The most extensive and expensive project ($320,000) is the replacement of the heating and cooling system throughout the church, offices, classrooms and parish hall. The contractor is on a tight schedule and expects to finish by the end of August, to minimize impact on our worship and programs. The work crews will be here from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekdays, and the contractor will let us know two weeks out whether certain parts of the building may be temporarily offlimits.

So please check with Jennifer Addington in the church office, if you need to schedule a meeting space.

The second project involves replacing the existing roof and repairing or replacing some gutters and downspouts. We expect that work to take around a week to accomplish.

Have questions about what's next on the list? See our friendly Resources steward, John von Senden (johnvonsenden@comcast.net), who can provide the answers.

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