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Nametag Initiative Announced


If you were part of the capacity crowd who attended the August 11 Sunday Forum Hour with the Rev. Dr. Francis Wade, you heard that one of the very best ways we can help our new Rector Randy Alexander get to know us all is by wearing nametags. 

The Vestry has obtained enough magnetic and hanging nametag holders for all parishioners to have a nametag, as well as storage trays to keep them organized when not in use.

In the days ahead, the names in Immanuel’s directory will be printed on attractive, readable inserts for those holders; you will have the opportunity to correct the nametag, if there is a mistake or you prefer to be called a nickname.  You will also have the opportunity to select the kind of nametag holder you want and to leave your nametag at church “on file” when not in use. 

Now comes the most important part:  as Dr. Wade pointed out, the usefulness of nametags increases exponentially when they are actually worn, instead of stuck to a display board.  Please help our new Rector by wearing your nametag (an additional benefit is that you may learn the names of fellow parishioners, as well!).


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