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Recordbreaking Response for Christmas Families in August


We are pleased to report that fifty families from Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill, along with Dorothy Kellogg's group, the Wasted Ladies, signed up this year to provide school supplies for 111 children. These were delivered to Human Services on or before August 19.

The special collections totalled $4,500 and Immanuel's Outreach Committee had allocated $750, for a total of $5,250 which were distributed as follows:

$1,500 to the Episcopal church schools in the Dominican Republic

$1,500 to our Episcopal contact in Haiti

$1,125 to Human Services

$1,125 to Community Lodgings, esp, for children in their afterschool program.

This is the best outcome ever for Christmas Families in August.  Thanks to Julien Randolph for suggesting many years ago that we do this, to all who provided school supplies, and to all who contributed to the special collection.

-- Dagobert and Lissa Soergel, Linda Serabian, Julie Bruns

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