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“O Come, O Come Emmanuel!”
Advent Retreat 2013
Holy Cross Abbey
December 6-8

Advent means “coming” in Latin. This first Western Christian season is a time of preparation. We can ‘begin again’ to ready for the Coming of the Lord. Our time together will be devoted to preparing our hearts, minds, bodies and souls for “God with us.” We will seek God, explore that which grounds and sustains us, and hope to discover who we are meant to be. Our retreat leader will be the Rev. David M. Crosby, associate rector of Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill.

The Immanuel Advent retreat will be at Holy Cross Abbey in the foothills of the Shenandoah Mountains by the Shenandoah River on a 1200 acre farm near Berryville, Virginia. The Cistercian monks of Holy Cross Abbey have been praying on the Berryville property since 1950; retreat participants will benefit from this location steeped in prayer as they explore the retreat theme.  Cistercians observe silence at all times to aid reflection, prayer, and listening to God. During the Advent Retreat, silence will be observed except in the program sessions. For more information about Holy Cross Abbey, consult the website http://www.virginiatrappists.org/

The retreat will begin on Friday afternoon, December 6, shortly before the evening meal and will end after the noon meal on Sunday, December 8.  The $300.00 registration fee includes all materials, comfortable accommodations, individual rooms each with a bathroom, and all meals.

Two scholarships given in memory of Charles Willis are available; please contact the associate rector for scholarship assistance.

Registration is limited to 15 persons.

Please reserve your space now using the form in the Almond Tree newsletter, which can be accessed by clicking here.

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