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Pumpkin Patch Help Needed!


Your help is needed to launch Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill's 20th Annual Pumpkin Patch!

What can you do?

* Help unload pumpkins on October 6, following the 10am Mass on the Grass;

* Keep making and freezing cookies, breads, and soups (clearly labeled with ingredients) to sell;

* Enjoy Kyrah Drasheff's "Ode to Pumpkins" by clicking here;

SIGN UP NOW TO SELL PUMPKINS IN OCTOBER!  You can see when pumpkin sellers are needed by clicking on the Pumpkin Calendar here, and sign up on the big board in the church entryway.

Remember, all Immanuel's profits go to charity.  With your help, we can fund more outreach into communities in need!

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