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New Parking Lot Donation Box



Yes, you have noticed something different in the parking lot, and it is a clothing bin placed on behalf of Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington (SMGW), one of the organizations the parish supports.

This bin, located towards the back of the parking lot, is part of a newly implemented fundraising project that SMGW has begun with MetroAid, LLC. MetroAid will sort through the bin and will distribute clothing for which SMGW participants have an immediate need and those for which they do not. The donations which cannot immediately benefit participants will be sold and part of the proceeds will be given to SMGW to support those who are homeless, unemployed, or otherwise in need. 

I heard a participant once tell their story and journey with SMGW and he highlighted the fact that the organization provided him appropriate interview clothes for his first ever job interview and that he was wearing them to present to us at that moment. The suit provided the appearance and confidence necessary to get the job! This is one of many testimonies you may hear about how these donations make an impact. 

Following the model provided to us in the parable of the Good Samaritan, SMGW helps to improve the lives of the homeless or otherwise in need through their Next Step program. Let’s continue in that message and spread the Good News about this donation bin throughout the community. 

A BIG thanks to the Outreach Committee, the Rev. Patty Alexander, and the entire parish community for making this happen! 

If you have questions about the bin or Samaritan Ministry, please do not hesitate to contact me,
-- Will Packard, wlpackard@gmail.com.

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