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Please Support Dominican Scholarships


Education is the key to breaking a cycle of poverty.  For eleven years, Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill has supported the Dominican Episcopal Church (a diocese of the Episcopal Church USA), by contributing to the educational scholarship program. 

This year, we have the opportunity to support 16 students at San Marcos School in Haina, one of the best schools in the Dominican Republic.  Many of the students come from very poor families and could not receive a high quality education without scholarship support. 

Please sponsor a child's education by signing up on the board now displayed in the narthex (entry foyer of the church).  A full scholarshiip for a school year is $350, although partial scholarships are welcome.  Make your check out to "Immanuel Church on the Hill" and put "Dominican Scholarship" on the memo line.  All scholarship donations are tax deductible.

If there are questions, please contact Jim Snow at JamesBSnow@verizon.net.

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