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Learning Opportunities at VTS in June


Virginia Theological Seminary, across the street from Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill, is offering a series of Weeklong Intensives during the month of June.

This is an opportunity to explore, reflect and study alongside graduate students. Choose a subject matter that stretches your knowledge while immersing yourself in an intensive theological learning environment. Topics include Spirituality, Leadership & Mission; Governance and Mission; Sacred Texts in Education; Spirituality, Liturgy & the Arts; and Aging in America. 

The course fee is $200. The deadline for applying is May 27.

Visit  www.vts.edu/lte to download an application or contact the Lifetime Theological Education Office at LTE@VTS.edu.

Flyers with dates, times and instructors can be found on the parish office bulletin board under "VTS Offerings" or on the Associate Rector's office door. 

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