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Oral Re-Hydration Project Update


Our neighbors and friends at Temple Beth El have reported that the more than 15,000 packets which Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill and Temple Beth El prepared on March 30th were sent to Tacloban City, in the island province of Leyte in the Philippines. 

This past November Tacloban was the central target of a tsunami which killed and displaced many of the 250,000 residents of the city.  Recovery efforts continue in Tacloban, and the packets will assist in these endeavors as water supply systems there remain contaminated. 

Immanuel has been invited to partner with the Temple again next year (mark your calendar for March 1, 2015!), which will be the 8th year of a partnership between the two houses of faith on Seminary Road, working together to make a difference, saving lives at risk due to severe dehydration caused by acts of nature (floods, droughts, hurricanes, etc.) or war which disrupt sources of uncontaminated water. 

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