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Coffee Hour for Marcus Rarick June 8


Please come to Immanuel's parish hall on Sunday, June 8th to recognize the dedication of our recently retired Treasurer, Marcus Rarick, who has put in countless hours over the last five years to keep our finances shipshape.

A festive coffee hour has been organized for 10:30 a.m., between the 9:15 and 11:15 a.m. services. Come enjoy refreshments and the opportunity to visit with Marcus.

Excerpted from “Well Done Good and Faithful Servant,” Almond Tree February 21, 2014, page 4.

Parishioner Marcus Rarick, who has served as Immanuel’s volunteer Treasurer since 2010, has informed the Vestry of his desire to step down in March, after nearly five years of steadfast and productive service. We all owe him our deepest gratitude for his diligent accounting skills, his unfailing discretion and his considered and patient advice in helping the Vestry keep the church on firm financial footing during a number of transitions….
“My former Bishop in New York, Bishop Richard Grein, used to say, ‘Never forget that administration in the Church is also a ministry. In fact, the ministry of administration makes it possible for all of the other ministries to happen,’” says Father Randy. “I think of Marcus’ gifts in administration, and his love and care for this Parish, as a great example of what the Bishop was saying. Marcus gives so much of his time and considerable talent to the glory of God and for the life and health of this community. We all owe Marcus deep gratitude for his loving service.”
“I will miss being Treasurer, but believe it is time for someone else to take over,” says Marcus. “I'm not sure what I will do next, but I'll continue to be active, though preferably not in as visible a position, and not immediately.”
We will celebrate Marcus’s dedication to the parish’s financial health at a special coffee hour in March. Meanwhile, please offer your own thanks when you see him next.
 “Marcus has set a very high standard for dedication and integrity,” adds Senior Warden Hance Haney. “He also laid a solid foundation for us to build on.”
Among other initiatives, Marcus implemented an electronic accounting system, and encouraged the Vestry to decentralize the parish’s financial operations and adopt new policies and procedures to both minimize risk and streamline operations….

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