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For Your Safety


A recent visit from the Alexandria Fire Department flagged several problemsdoor closed sign in the church building needing attention and/or repair to meet fire safety standards.  Work commenced immediately to remedy every one of the concerns, which included replacing emergency lights, repairing an alarm and annunciator devices, steam-cleaning the kitchen hood system ductwork and testing its suppression system. no storage sign

In addition, there are two concerns relating to our stairwells that will need continued monitoring and assistance from all Immanuelites and anyone else using the building:  1) the fire doors must be kept closed at all times and not propped open; and 2) items must not be stored in the stairwells, where they might interfere with people exiting the building in an emergency.

Signs have been posted in the stairwells as reminders. Please help us keep our property safe for everybody!

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