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Help a Child in Need


Your help is needed now to support children in Alexandria, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic whose families cannot provide basic school supplies that are critically needed for learning.  The “Christmas Families in August” program enables you to help a needy family – identified by Alexandria Child Protective Services – with some or all of the critical school supplies.

Here are three ways you can help by participating in “Christmas Families in August”:

1) Alexandria Child Protective Services identified families in need (many of them are families we helped last Christmas). You can sign up to provide school supplies for the children in one family any time between now and Sunday, August 3, on the sign-up boards in the narthex/entry of Zabriskie Chapel. Several Immanuel families may want to sign up together to help one large family, and that is okay! Please put your name and phone number with the family you choose, and take from the manila folder the corresponding sheet with the names. Ignore the gift suggestions (those were for Christmas); look in the attachment for the school supplies required for the school and grade. Please bring the school supplies to church on or before Sunday, August 17. For students attending Tucker Elementary School the deadline is Sunday, July 20, because they start on August 1. (Mt. Vernon School no longer follows this special schedule.)

2) You can donate money at the special collections during Immanuel's services on July 20 and August 17(or by mail or delivery to the church office anytime between now and August 17). Please make checks out to Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill and mark them XFAM. The money will be allocated as follows:

  • One third to Episcopal schools in the Dominican Republic
  • One third to Episcopal schools in Haiti
  • One third to Alexandria (1/6 to Child Protective Services and 1/6 to Community Lodgings)

3) You can donate additional school supplies -- especially backpacks (new or used and in good shape). Please look for the box in the narthex/entry of Zabriskie Chapel to deposit your donations.

Let us give all children a good start in the new school year!

Lissa Soergel (703-823-2840, 703-869-9848, <lissa@whollygenes.com>)
Dagobert Soergel (703-823-2840, 703-585-2840, dsoergel@umd.edu)
Julie Bruns (703-534-7913, <drbruns@bellatlantic.net>)
Linda Serabian (703-836-4670, <serabian@somaarchitects.com>)


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