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Pumpkins Coming!


Pumpkins Coming!   Mark your calendars for Sunday, October 5th, when we will hold Mass on the Grass and then take delivery of two truckloads of pumpkins for our 21st annual Pumpkin Patch.  Two more trucks will come on Wednesday, October 15. 

Last year was our best year ever.  We came in second among the 1,190 locations that sell pumpkins from our Navaho suppliers, netting $67,057.  These funds make possible our local, regional, and international outreach. 

This kind of success requires the hard work of the whole parish, so start thinking about what you might do.  We’ll need volunteers to help unload pumpkins; to help with sales; to make and freeze soups, and bake breads, cookies and other culinary delights; and to coordinate volunteers and undertake the many necessary small tasks.  It takes a parish to do it all! 

More information will be forthcoming in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, if you have questions or want talk about what role you could play, contact us at pumpkins@icoh.net. -- Jim Snow and Jamie Conrad

Immanuel Seeks Director of Children, Youth, and Family Ministry
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