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Christmas Families in August -- Help Kids Now


Help children in Afghanistan, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Alexandria.

The mind needs tools, tools to take notes, organize notes to comprehend the world, tools for writing and expression in art. In a word, children need school supplies for learning and a backpack to carry them in. Every fall in the past years we have helped children in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Alexandria so they do not go off to school without the critical tools for learning. We provided backpacks, notebooks, crayons, pencils, scissors, calculators, or the money for gym uniforms and fees. This is so important not only by giving children the supplies they need but also by raising their spirit and joy of learning.

This year we add orphanages in Afghanistan to this ministry, responding to a plea from parishioner Keith June, who is stationed there. We will send supplies:  plain and colored pencils, crayons, markers, composition books.

Status report

The Alexandria Community and Human Services department sent us a list of 45 families with 90 school-age children. Parishioners signed up to provide school supplies for all but four of these families (including two large ones). We use the supply lists for each grade as posted by each school.

Parishioners have also bought supplies for Afghanistan.

How you can help between now and August 17.

You can still sign up for one of the remaining families, perhaps partnering with others for one of the large families.

You can bring supplies for Afghanistan (collection box in the Narthex).

Last, and most critical, you can donate money between now and the second special collection on August 17. Please make checks out to Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill and mark them XFAM. We hope to exceed last year's total of $6,000 so we can send to each of the receiving organizations an amount that will make a difference. The money will be allocated approximately as follows:
First we will determine how much is needed to round out the school supplies to be sent to Afghanistan and for postage. Then:
One third to Episcopal schools in the Dominican Republic
One third to Episcopal schools in Haiti
One third to Alexandria (1/6 to Child Protective Services and 1/6 to Community Lodgings)

Let us give all children a good start in the new school year!

Lissa Soergel (703-823-2840, 703-869-9848, <lissa@whollygenes.com>)
Dagobert Soergel (703-823-2840, 703-585-2840, dsoergel@umd.edu)
Julie Bruns (703-534-7913, <drbruns@bellatlantic.net>)
Linda Serabian (703-836-4670, <serabian@somaarchitects.com>)

Aid for Afghan Children
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