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Training Offered in Worship Ministries



As we move from summer into the flurry of Autumn activities, the Worship Committee of Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill invites adults and youth to participate in our various ministries. In all cases, Immanuel will hold training for those new to these ministries and refresh current participants with updated processes. Take a moment to reflect on how you can share your time and talents with Immanuel. Participation is scheduled according to your availability. Contact Rosi Stewart, Worship Steward at rustewart@comcast.net or 703-647-9218.

Acolytes - Adults and Youth - consider serving during the Eucharist on Sundays by being an Acolyte. Our clergy and Acolyte Coordinator will hold a training session to explain the procedures of how acolytes assist the clergy during the Eucharist.

Altar Guild – The Altar Guild prepares the altar for Worship services. We welcome both men and women to participate in this ministry. Altar Guild members care for the sacred vessels, the bread and the wine, the fair linens and hangings, the candles and torches and much more. The Altar Guild prepares all things for the Altar "properly and in good order." There will be training, mentoring, and an accessible book of pictures and descriptions to assist those preparing the Altar.

Chalicists – Chalicists assist the Clergy during communion by administering the cup of wine to members of the congregation. Chalice Bearers receive training on administering the chalice, become licensed, and must be confirmed and 16 years of age or older to serve.

Choirs - With inspired direction, our choirs are active and talented, regularly uplifting worship at Sunday and special services. We welcome all ages to join in singing God's praise. A bell choir is open to those who understand rhythm, performing for Christmas and Easter services. A children’s choir, Immanuel's Angels, has begun to sing at periodic services. Please let Dr. Jane Tavernier know of your interest.

Flower Guild - Share your artistic talent and love of beauty by preparing flowers for the Altar.  Our Flower Guild members will mentor and guide those new to flower arranging.

Intercessors – The Prayers of the People are an integral part of the Worship service and are prepared by the clergy. We encourage adults and youth to consider leading the prayers – again, training will be provided.

Readers – Immanuel welcomes both adults and youth as readers of the Old and New Testaments and the Psalms. There will be a training session for new and experienced readers on the mechanics of reading. We can work with you on protocols, projecting your voice, pronunciation of Biblical names and more!

Ushers – This is a perfect opportunity for teamwork with your spouse, partner and/or family members. Ushers greet those coming to worship, distribute Sunday bulletins, assist with seating, carry the gifts during the offertory, and pass the alms plates.

Ministry Scheduler – Immanuel has an online Ministry Scheduler that takes the profiles of ministry participants and compiles schedules based on input. Like many computer programs, the Ministry Scheduler can only work well with the input that is submitted. We will be working with and reviewing every ministry participant’s profile in the scheduler to make sure we can distribute the workload evenly and accommodate everyone’s schedule

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