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Thank-you from Afghanistan


Immanuelites responded to the request for humanitarian supplies from fellow parishioner Keith June, serving in Afghanistan. Below is Keith's response:  




I greatly appreciate the time, effort and money to make this happen on such short notice. I simply cannot thank you and the members of ICOH for such wonderful gifts. The notebooks, pencil, crayons and other items will be distributed to schools and orphanages in the Kabul region. I am scheduled to visit an orphanage next week so I will provide photos of the visit.


As you have no doubt read and seen, the political situation here is still quite tenuous. Votes cast in the last election are being verified. With the help of Secretary of State Kerry, both presidential candidates have committed to a unity government though this is somewhat undefined and is still being worked out.


As President Obama indicated during the recent NATO summit, a great deal hinges on the new Afghan President and government.


Here at ISAF, we have assisted in helping with the ballots being verified. Additionally, we are continuing to advise and assist the Afghan security institutions. Each day is filled with danger and challenges but I firmly believe we are making a difference for the people of Afghanistan and in helping to secure peace in a troubled region.


Despite the challenges, I am optimistic about the future of Afghanistan. As I travel through Kabul and all of Afghanistan, I am quite hopeful  about the future of this troubled land. I am optimistic when I see young people especially young women being educated. 


The school materials provided by ICOH will help in educating the young of this country. As much as helping in ensuring security is the need to help in educating the youth of this country. I believe it is the young of this nation that will determine its future. Your efforts in providing much needed school supplies will go a long way in helping to prepare the youth of this nation for the future and help in ensuring the region is stable and peaceful.


As we near the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I hope we forever memorialize the victims of that tragic day and never forget the horrific events of that day and endeavor to ensure it never happens again.


I have been very active in our congregation here having led several bible studies. We have a liturgical service led by a British Chaplain who is a Scottish Presbyterian but does his very best to perform a proper Anglican service. In my time here, we've been through four British chaplains now. All have done a magnificent job and each have added a bit of their personality and tradition. Last week as the congregation attempted to sing an old English hymn with music provided on an IPod (with limited success...), the Chaplain, Padre Francis, in his very Scottish accent roared, "what's the difference between a church organist and the IRA? Well, you can negotiate with the IRA!"


I also attend another service which is a general protestant service which is also well done with very good music.


Sincere thanks to my wonderful family at ICOH for the care packages, letters, emails, prayers, overwhelming support and love. Know that I think of the ICOH every day. I imagine you will soon be receiving pumpkins. I will miss unloading of the truck and working the pumpkin patch (I really will!).


Thanks as well for remembering me and other service members and civilians deployed in defense of our nation. Your commitment is a reminder of the great love and commitment of our wonderful nation.


I miss all of you and I look forward to the opportunity to worship and fellowship with you again.


God bless and much love to all, Keith


Keith L. June

COL, US Army

Chief HQ, ISAF CJ6




keith.l.june@afghan.swa.army.smil.mil                                                                                              keith.june@hq.ms.isaf.nato.int          


DSN 318-449-5895                                                                                                                                                                       SVOIP 786-1010

NCN 606-686-1089

SVOIP 308-237-9919

Mobile 079-377-1204

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