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Pumpkin Sunday October 5


PUMPKIN SUNDAY IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!  We are only days away from launching Pumpkin Patch 2014:  Immanuel’s one and only fundraiser for our Outreach program.

As you know, ALL of the profits of the Pumpkin Patch go to Outreach, to support charities working locally, nationally, and internationally. A successful Pumpkin Patch will help us reach even further to assist communities in need.
It’s a huge project, and we need your help!

What can you do?

YOU CAN sign up to work in the Pumpkin Patch in October. The signup board is in the church narthex (entry), and there are still plenty of options to fit your calendar. If you haven’t done this before, don’t worry: we will provide instructions and reminders.

YOU CAN join your fellow parishioners on PUMPKIN SUNDAY OCTOBER 5 to help unload pumpkins. Immanuel will be celebrating Mass-on-the-Grass at 10:00 that morning, and as soon as the service is over, we will start unloading -- so wear comfortable working clothes. (And mark your calendar for October 15, beginning at 3pm to help unload the second two trucks!)

YOU CAN start cooking and baking for the Patch. Soups and baked goods provide a substantial portion of our profit!  There’s a “Baking & Cooking for the Pumpkin Patch” guide and standard quart containers for soups in the narthex under the Pumpkin Patch signup board. Please use the soup containers -- we’ve learned this size and type works best for both cooks and customers. Baked goods can be packaged as you choose. For all food items, please don’t forget the LIST OF INGREDIENTS (which helps avoid food allergy issues).

YOU CAN pick up yard signs and car signs in the narthex on Pumpkin Sunday, October 5.  These are a most effective way to communicate that the patch is open for business.  The yard signs will have more competition from political signs this year, so place them strategically.

YOU CAN help spread the word about Immanuel’s Pumpkin Patch. For a start, you can tell your neighbors, friends, relatives, coworkers, and anybody else you meet that they can help the world by buying their pumpkins at our Patch. You can “like” (and share!) our “Pumpkin Patch at Immanuel Church on the Hill” Facebook site. And you can download a one-page flyer to distribute, email, or post from www.icoh.net -- just click on the big orange PUMPKINS! button and look for “one-page flyer.”

AND YOU CAN have fun with pumpkins in October!
For more information, contact Jamie Conrad, Pierre Shostal, Jim Snow, John von Senden, or Rick Glassco at Outreach@icoh.net.

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