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Good News for Malawi Parish


The Diocese of Virginia has approved a Mustard Seed grant of $5,000 to purchase materials needed for rebuilding St. Phillip’s Church in southern Malawi. 

This is the parish led by Fr. Martin Kalimbe that Immanuel parishioners, students from Virginia Theological Seminary, and the Outreach committee helped with donations for emergency humanitarian assistance early this year.  Using the materials bought with the grant, the parishioners of St. Phillip’s will provide labor and other supplies.  We hope that this grant from the Diocese will help complete the healing of this Christian community.

Mustard Seed grants are awarded in four broad categories:  1) youth and college ministries, 2) local outreach, 3) world mission, and 4) strengthening local churches. 

Below is a photo of how St. Phillip’s church appeared following the floods, along with a description by Fr. Kalimbe of the church’s situation. damaged malawi church 

"Below is the damaged Church building that we used to meet before the heavy rains. The name of the church is St. Phillip. Currently, we meet in a community hall. The community hall is a small building that some Christians worship while sitting outside the building. It becomes unbearable when it is raining. Some Christians have even stopped coming to Church. We have tried to mobilize some resources locally so that we can use in rebuilding the church.

"However, the resources are not enough to buy all the materials that will be required to rebuild the Church. The following are the materials that we will require:  corrugated iron sheets, cement, nails and wood planks. The money that we have raised is enough for buying bricks and other building materials."

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