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New Entry to Immanuel Chapel


Beginning Sunday, November 22, we will be asking Sunday worship service attendees to enter Immanuel Chapel mainly through the side doors, on the Grove Side (the side facing the old Seminary Chapel and VTS Grove). 

There are a couple of reasons for this.  The first is that, as the weather gets colder, we will want to keep the large front doors closed.  People may still enter through the two side doors, which have mini-Narthex areas. 

Perhaps the main reason for changing our entrance, though, is that we can have a true Narthex space on the other side, in the hallway.  The tables with nametags will be located there, as will bulletins, sheets for sign-ups, and coat racks.  This will also be a place for conversation upon arriving, which is so central to our fellowship, while also giving more space for quiet, prayerful preparation for worship within the Chapel itself. 

Please note there is a gently sloping ramp on that side, so no steps need be involved. 

Thanks for your help in making this transition!

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