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Spiritual Gifts

Talent is a spiritual gift from God, and like most presents, it is impossible to fully appreciate and make use of our spiritual gifts until they have been opened.  As an active faith and service community, Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill comprises many outlets to share your time and talents.  This assessment tool, designed by the Lutheran Church, will help you begin to explore your gifts and talents, and guide you through a process of self-examination and exploration.  We hope you will identify ways to share your gifts with your Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill family.

Self-Assessment Inventory

Below are three documents:  

  • Click here to download a survey with sixty questions.  For each of the sixty questions, you are asked to select the response that best describes you.
  • Click here to download a tool for analyzing your responses.  You will be asked to add the numbers you selected for different questions, and record the result on the graph.  The resulting chart will highlight your particular gifts and talents.  You can use your results to help identify ministry areas within Immanuel where you might want to volunteer your time.
  • Click here to download a list of the person(s) you can contact in each of the ministry areas, if you wish to volunteer or get more information.

Spiritual gifts and talents are bestowed upon us through the work of the Holy Spirit.  The objectives of spiritual gifts are to produce personal growth through service to the parish and community.  The following service-related gifts have been included in the assessment survey:

Administration:  the gift that enables a believer to formulate, direct, and carry out plans necessary to fulfill a purpose.

Artistry:  the gift that gives the believer the skill of creating artistic expressions that produce spiritual responses of strength and inspiration.

Discernment: the gift that motivates a believer to seek God’s will and purpose and to apply that understanding to individual and parish situations.

Evangelism:  the gift that moves believers to reach out to nonbelievers in such a way that they become active members of the parish.

Exhortation:  the gift that moves the believer to reach out with Christian love and encouragement to people in personal conflict or facing a spiritual void.

Faith:  the gift that enables a believer to see the Spirit at work, and the ability to trust the Spirit is leading us towards God’s purposes.

Giving:  the gift that enables the believer to recognize God’s blessings and to respond to them by giving generously and sacrificially of her/his resources (time, talent & treasure).

Hospitality: the gift that causes a believer to joyfully welcome and receive guests and those in need of food and fellowship.

Intercession:  the gift that enables a believer to pray with the certainty that prayer is heard, and when requests are made, answers will follow.

Knowledge:  the gift that drives a person to learn, analyze and uncover new insights with regard to the Bible and faith.

Leadership:  the gift that gives a believer the confidence to step forward, give direction and provide motivation to fulfill a dream or complete a task.

Mercy:  the gift that motivates a believer to feel deeply for those in physical, spiritual or emotional need and act to meet that need.

Music—Vocal:  the gift that gives a believer the ability to teach and inspire others through song.

Music—Instrumental: the gift that inspires a believer to express faith and provide inspiration and comfort through playing a musical instrument.

Pastoring:  the gift that gives a believer the confidence, capability and compassion to provide spiritual leadership and direction to the parish or individuals.

Service:  the gift that enables a believer to work gladly behind the scenes to fulfill God’s work.

Skilled Craft:  the gift that enables a believer to create, build, maintain or repair items used within the church.

Teaching:  the gift that enables a believer to communicate personal understanding of the Bible and faith in a way that clear to others.

Wisdom:  the gift that allows a believer to sort through opinions, facts and perceptions to determine an appropriate solution for an individual or parish.

Writing:  the gift that enables a believer to express truth in a written form that edifies, instructs and strengthens the parish.

The Vestry and Stewardship Committee have developed lists of volunteering opportunities within Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill that make use of specific gifts and talents.  Please click on each "gift" to display its corresponding list and how to get involved in those opportunities.  We hope you will think about putting your spiritual gifts to work in Immanuel.