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The Vestry is a body in an Episcopal parish composed of the Rector and a group of elected parishioners who administer the temporal and spiritual affairs of the parish.  Two members of the Vestry at Immanuel are elected each year to serve as Senior Warden and Junior Warden.  These lay officers work especially with the Rector and other clergy, and the Vestry as a whole,  in coordinating the life and ministry of the parish.  One member of the Vestry acts as Register. The vestry meets monthly.  The elections for the Vestry are held at the annual meeting in January.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is convened on a periodic basis to review the parish finances and to advise the Vestry on significant financial decisions, in particular regarding investment and management of assets and debt.   The Finance Committee also provides advice to the parish Treasurer.

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee is dedicated to making stewardship a year-round initiative underscoring the importance of good stewardship through the giving of time and talent, and pledging. The Stewardship Committee is comprised of members from each of the three services and directs the annual fall stewardship campaign.

Resources Committee

This committee is charged with identifying facilities-related issues and advising the Vestry on long-term planning needed to address major maintenance, capital improvements and enhancements to our physical plant and grounds.  We are seeking parishioners with technical skills, strategic and planning capabilities, and finance-related expertise.

Delegates to Diocesan Council

Immanuel appoints delegates and alternates to the Annual Council of the Diocese of Virginia.  Annual Council is held in January to discuss the affairs, activities, and policies of the Diocese, and vote on the annual budget of the Diocese.   More information is available on www.thediocese.net and through the Virginia Episcopalian newsletter. 

Delegate to Region IV

Region IV of the Diocese of Virginia consists of the eight Episcopal churches in Alexandria.  The Regional Council meets on a quarterly basis to discuss individual parish events and collaborative efforts.  In particular, the Regional Council serves as a vehicle for communication and feedback to the Diocese.