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Benedictine Community

The Immanuel on the Hill Benedictine Community is an initiative that emerged out of conversations amongst seekers of a balanced Benedictine life and participants in Benedictine courses at School of Spirit sessions in 2009 and 2010.  Our vision is to create a lay, ecumenical, contemplative, inclusive group of seekers that promises to bring the balance and harmony that one experiences in a cloistered community to our own local gathering place in Northern Virginia; modeling the Benedictine ideal of balance and harmony for our families, workplaces, spiritual communities and daily lives in an increasingly complex world.  

Our group is composed of people from Immanuel and other churches, and we are open to individuals of all faith traditions as well as those who claim no particular faith tradition at all.  Everyone is welcome to be a part of the Immanuel on the Hill Benedictine Community.   The Evening Gathering is the first and third Tuesdays of the month and begins promptly at 7:00pm in the Upper Room on the second floor of Zabriskie Chapel and ends promptly at 8:00pm.  Periodically, we gather for hospitality and fellowship, host a speaker or participate in DC area Benedictine events.

Since 2010, we have been studying the Rule of Saint Benedict with the guidance of leading practioners such as Esther de Waal and Sr. Joan Chittister.  Ours is one of four associated Benedictine groups in the DC area and we have ties with the Friends of Saint Benedict, a DC based, nationwide organization. We are continuing a spirit-led discovery, discerning in prayer and living practice how our expression of Benedictine spirituality will evolve.  You are a vital part of shaping this expression.  Please join us!

Want to learn more?  Click here to download our informational pamphlet.

Contacts:  BenedictineCommunity@ICOH.net, 703-370-6555, Barbara Fornoff or Everett Post

Rev. 2/21/2013