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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Committee

The members of the Pastoral Care Committee rotate responsibilities such as delivering flowers on Sundays after the last service, note writing to parishioners, occasional meal preparation and providing transportation. One of the benefits of serving on the committee is getting a better feel for who within our Parish might need some extra support, whether via prayer or service.

The Pastoral Care Committee meets the first Thursday of every other month at 7:30 p.m. in the Fairchild room (except for July and August). The meetings generally last from 30 minutes to an hour.

Contact:  Clergy

Eucharistic Visitor Ministry

The goal of the Eucharistic Visitor Ministry team in pastoral care is to bring the Eucharist to a person who is sick or otherwise unable to attend services, thereby expanding the walls of Immanuel to keep that person in community.  Eucharistic Visitors are commissioned lay members of the parish who bring communion and often information on the service, including the service bulletin and lectionary.  In addition to Eucharist, the team will offer the person the opportunity, as he or she wishes, to tell their story and let the team member know how they are doing.  The team member can then bring that information back to the Church, always respecting the wishes of the person who is visited. Eucharistic Visitors are part of the Pastoral Care Committee.

The team often needs help in getting the message to parishioners regarding the Eucharistic Visitor Ministry. Many parishioners are unaware that the ministry exists.  Still others are reticent to request that Eucharist be brought, feeling that it is an imposition,  perhaps.  The ministry always needs assistance with identifying those who might like to receive Eucharist, letting them know of its availability and with letting either the Eucharistic Visitor team or the clergy know of the need.  

Eucharistic Visitors must be licensed by the diocese. If a parishioner would like to be involved with this ministry, he or she should contact a member of the clergy to determine when another series of preparatory classes might be scheduled. 

Contact:  Clergy